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The house owners have been so impressed with her love for the animals and need to study every little thing she may, they brought her on as a part of the staff. We are proud to be a family owned and operated firm in North East Florida. Wild Things Exotic Animals Inc. produces a lot of the animals at our breeding facility. By breeding the animals ourselves, we’ve higher management over the well being and quality of the animals we offer. With a wide variety of exotic animals like Boas, Pythons, Monitors, Geckos. Amphibians, Crocodilian, Ferrets, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Skinny Pigs, Sugar Gliders and more, Wild Things has the right pet for you. We additionally carry all of the provides and feeders to keep your unique little friends pleased and wholesome.

We are striving to further the training of the public and our members by the change of data, information, and experiences relative to all exotic pets. We invite all unique pet lovers and house owners to join us on-line and at our month-to-month meetings the third Sunday of each month. Katlyn has two passions in life; unique animals and art. Her love for animals, especially reptiles, is key to her paintings. Her unique art work contains many of the animals she works with every day.

With a love and keenness for Exotic animals like that, it’s no surprise she ended up on the Wild Things Team. Sam is a classically educated dancer, spending hours every day coaching and conditioning. Living near the St Johns river she spent her down time relaxing by the calming beauty of the water and all of its pure wildlife. She liked the alligators, lizards and snakes that made the river their house. She needed to know extra about them and their mysterious ways. Her studies led her to preserving pythons and geckos, this led her to the local unique animal shop .

exotic pets

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These embrace doing the due diligence of researching both the seller and the animal before buying. Buyers should look into the methods sellers use to obtain and transport the animals. Researching the animal will help the make sure that the brand new owner shall be prepared for such a pet. The code not solely explains what is taken into account an unique animal in the United States however defines what an animal is. Among the ranks of the time period animal there are a number of noteworthy exclusions like birds, mice and rats bred for analysis, cattle, and horses not utilized in analysis.

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Working first hand with the animals she portrays in her work, gives her an uncanny ability to seize their true essence, in a means no one else can. You can see many examples of her work right here at Wild Things. Her family encouraged her passion, and she or he got her first Bearded Dragon at age 5. Then when she was 10, she got her first Ball Python named Snakespear. It all started with a lizard then a python, then 2, then 3 and a gecko right here and a monitor there. Once she got her own place, the gathering actually started to grow.