Things to Pay Attention to Before Putting Accessories on Pets

Pet owners, especially pets, are often interested in various accessories to complement the appearance of their pets and their pets. The pet accessories offered are adorable and cute, so that when they are used by pets, they hope they will be cute. The use of neck accessories, especially necklaces, is indeed useful as an identification tool for these proprietary pets. Actually this is not recommended, especially if used for a long time with a short leash, it can cause limited pet movement so it’s easy to stress. The following are important things to consider if you want to use neck accessories or necklaces on your pet:

Pay attention to the materials used do not cause irritation

Currently, there are many materials that can be used for neck accessories. Plastic materials, cloth, nylon, iron chains, leather, elastic rubber, and other materials. Watch each pet give a new necklace, the reaction to his skin. If your pet looks itchy and has redness after wearing the collar for a while, they may be experiencing irritation.

Make sure the accessories fit the size of the pet

It is very important to pay attention to the size of the pet’s neck, not to be too tight, too loose. If you use a necklace that is too tight, you will worry about choking and injuring the skin. What often happens is that the necklace is worn for too long, not paying attention to its size, causing the necklace to stick to the skin, causing deep skin trauma with wide wounds. Usually occurs in pets with chains. If it’s too loose, in particular, it can remove the necklace itself, often involving the lower jaw.

Make sure the pet is comfortable and safe

Comfort can be seen from the expression when wearing it. Usually pets find it difficult to bend down because the collar is too thick, making it difficult to eat. Just take the necklace off for their convenience. If you use a bell, especially a necklace, it is usually confused with the annoying ringing of the bell.

Don’t put a collar on your pet for too long

It’s best not to have to wear a collar for the rest of your pet’s life. In addition to worrying about cleanliness if you don’t wash it regularly, pets are also getting bigger, so just use them if needed. For example, if you want to take your pet for a walk with a harness or leash.

Check the expiration date of the anti-parasitic necklace

The use of antiparasitic collars on pets is now becoming more frequent. It can be obtained at various prices with the addition of an active substance that is dropped on the necklace in the form of an effective antiparasitic substance. It should also be considered before buying and applying to pets. If it is past its effectiveness, it should be removed. Also pay attention to possible poisoning and irritation from accidentally licking the necklace.