Surprising Truths Behind 11 Unusual Cat Behaviors

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cat behaviors

Cats generally like high places and are wonderful climbers. This conduct is genetic since cats are pure predators. A greater vantage point provides them a greater view of their surroundings. Another practical cause for seeking a snug ledge is to hide. Which can enable them to benefit from the hotter air or settle down for a nice catnap without being disturbed.

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Other behavior that kittens study embody searching , night time-time play, meowing and other vocalizations. Cats are hunters by instinct, and home cats will often engage in behavior that is part hunting and half play. Outdoor cats could hone their real hunting abilities whereas indoor cats will take pleasure in mock looking with toys.

cat behaviors

Each cat could have different grooming habits and patterns, so take note of your cat’s beauty regime. If grooming is excessive or causes loss of fur, you should bring your cat to the veterinarian for an examination. Cats, like individuals, have distinctive personalities and characteristics. Therefore, there is no definitive list of “normal” cat behavior. While there are lots of common feline behaviors, keep in mind that every cat is special and will act in ways which might be slightly totally different due to their character, environment or temper. For example, the most common cat behaviors include purring, grooming, kneading and climbing.

Interestingly, in a household of cats, the dominant cat normally occupies the highest perch. There are many kinds of cat perches that you could purchase or make on your own, but be sure that the perch is secure and might hold the weight of your cat. If your cat enjoys climbing on excessive shelves or above the fridge and cabinets, ensure the realm is evident of things that could hurt or trap your cat. Cats additionally usually spend a great deal of time grooming. For some cats, grooming can take as much as 50 p.c of their time. Grooming helps cats stay tidy, however their saliva additionally helps insulate their bodies and keep them heat. So, you may see your cat grooming extra in chilly climate.