How to Take Care a Puppy Without a Mother

Take care a puppy without a mother is not an easy thing to do. Because besides having to take care of him, you also have to act like a parent. If basically the mother dog does experience death after giving birth, or is stressed so that she does not want to take care of her child. So as a breeder, it is very important that you know how to take care of a puppy without a mother. Here are some ways to care for a motherless puppy:


Provide a Comfortable Cage

Newborn puppies, of course, need a comfortable place to live or a cage. You can make a simple dog kennel using cardboard, or an unused board. But if you want an instant method, you can also buy a cage for puppies at a pet store. However, don’t forget to provide a crate so the dog can feel the warmth. Because if they are with their mother, puppies often experience cold and then seek warmth near their mother’s fur.

Provide Good Types of Food

Even though newborn puppies are small, they still need nutritious and high-quality food. But do not carelessly also choose the type of food. Since puppies are newborns, it is best to give them wet food first, to make them easier to digest or consume. And don’t forget to provide drinking water when feeding.

Choosing a Milk Brand for Puppies

This is arguably very important because in general, newborn puppies do need intake from their mother’s milk. And if the mother leaves her child, of course it is the duty of a farmer to find replacement milk. And to get newborn puppy milk, you can buy it at a pet shop, or you can also order it at an online store. There are many kinds of dog milk provided with different brands. But if you are hesitant to buy it, you can visit an expert dog breeder, to ask what brand of milk is suitable for your pet puppy.

Keeping the Cage and Body Clean

It is also important for you to keep the cage and body clean. This is because it aims to protect the puppy from bacteria or germs that make him sick. To clean the cage, try to do it after feeding or it really looks dirty. As for cleaning his body, you can do it once a day, even if the dog is not taken out of the house. Don’t forget to trim your nails, clean your ears, and shave if the type of dog you keep has thick fur

Playing With Puppies

Taking a little time to play with the puppy, is a very good thing so that the dog does not feel bored. Because besides being useful for familiarizing yourself with it, playing can also be a fun physical sport activity. And there are a variety of games you can play with puppies, ranging from light ones, to games that refer to habits. And if you can, make a specific schedule for playing with the puppy, like twice a day, or as much as you can. But make sure you are always present on the playing schedule that you have made. Because puppies will certainly look for you because they think that time is his playing schedule.

Consult a Veterinarian

Consultation with a veterinarian, is a matter that is also very important in caring for a motherless puppy. Because there may be disorders or diseases that you did not know before. Even if necessary, make this consultation to the vet a weekly or monthly routine that you must do.