Animal Handling Throughout Warmth Stress

animal handling

This known as “scorching wanding.” This is detrimental to pig welfare and is more likely to improve blood spots within the meat. Stunning wands and wiring should be checked usually for electrical continuity. A worn swap might break the circuit enough to trigger bloodspots. Electrodes have to be kept clean to provide a great electrical contact. Operators mustn’t ever double stun animals or use the stunning wand as a prod. When head only stunning is used with scissors type tongs, the electrodes could also be both placed on the forehead or clamped across the sides of the pinnacle like ear muffs. Electrodes also could also be placed in a “high to backside” position on top of the head and beneath the jaw.

animal handling

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When a wand with two stationary electrodes is used, they may be positioned either on the brow or within the hole behind the ears. Stunning tongs and wands mustn’t ever be place on the neck. The stunning wand must be applied to the animal for no less than two to a few seconds to stun correctly. Pigs and sheep that are surprised with a head only stunner for no less than two seconds have to be bled inside a maximum interval of 30 seconds to stop them from regaining consciousness. Both sensible experience and scientific analysis reveals that a shorter interval of 15 seconds is strongly really helpful. Lighting excessive of the conveyor within the restrainer room will assist induce cattle to lift their heads for the stunner. However, each cattle and pigs should not be in a position to see mild arising from beneath the restrainer because it might cause balking at the entrance.

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The operator should be careful to not break and re-make the circuit in the course of the stun. This causes the animal’s muscles to tense up greater than once and bloodspots may improve. If the stunning wand is energized earlier than it is in full contact with the pig, the pig will squeal.

Calm animals facilitate correct and efficient stunning. As in other areas, mufflers can be utilized on air valve exhausts or they are often positioned outdoors. Rubber stops on gates can be utilized to stop clanging and braking devices on the shackle return enhance safety and cut back noise. USDA rules require that electric prods have a voltage of fifty volts or less. If most livestock bellow or squal in direct response to being touched with the electrical prod, the power may must be reduced.